Welcome to our  KIDS GALLERY! ! Today I would like to share with you my ideas for drawing at home with children.

Summer will end soon and school years will begin. And we will need to work a lot with our children, prepare different drawings for the school. And WE always really want your child to be the best.

During quarantine, we worked with our students online. We have completed a variety of drawing and painting projects for 3-year-olds, drawings for 4-year-olds, and drawing projects for toddlers.

I have collected works that children did at home with their parents, and I want to share with you the practice of drawing children.

Hope you enjoy our creative home ideas and they help you.

Drawing lessons for children. This idea settled in my head after the second exhibition.

I learned to paint as an adult. When I was a child, it seemed to me that it would be expensive for my parents to take me to art school, so I was embarrassed to ask them, and then this desire died in me.

My daughter gave me a new impetus to draw when we moved to live in America. The first time we went with her to the studio, where they tell you and show you what and how to do it, and you leave with the finished picture. It was a new experience for me. I got indescribable pleasure.

The next day I bought paints and a canvas. I found different lessons online and learned different techniques. And after two years I have already accumulated a lot of pictures.

When my insurance agent came to see me and saw my paintings, she was delighted. She ordered me a portrait of her favorite puppy. This was my first job for which I received the money. It was an unusual feeling when a hobby brings you money.

After that, there were many more pictures.

I also work in a kindergarten. The grandmother of one of my students was the organizer of the exhibition and invited me to participate. Here are paintings from my first exhibition.

After that there were more exhibitions, meeting interesting creative people. In kindergarten, parents started asking when I would start teaching children. My teaching experience pushed me to the question: “Why not give it a try?” Although I’m not a professional artist, I decided to give it a try.

Someone criticized me that I have no art education. “How can you, you are self-taught, only a professional should teach.”

But professionals often see that the child does not succeed and do not want to study with him, looking for all sorts of excuses not to take the child to the lesson.

Despite this, I tried it. I get a huge boost when kids and their parents say thank you to me.
And I want to say: “Thank you so much!”