Nataliia Vyaz

Nataliia Vyaz (Hudenko)


Artist – Nataliia Vyaz (Hudenko)
Born in the Poltava Region of Ukraine in 1983, from an early age she had a knack and a remarkable ability to draw.
She studied at the Poltava Children’s Art School and Reshetyliv Art Lyceum, graduated from PNTU. Yu. Kondratyuk, manager – an economist by profession.
In addition to personal exhibitions and masterclasses, Nataliia is a participant in: charity exhibitions and fairs, as well as city, regional and national exhibitions.
After moving to Australia a year and a half ago, Nataliia actively continues her artistic activity. Currently, she not only paints new paintings but also teaches the art of adults and children in her home studio. She teaches fine arts and holds master classes at Ukrainian schools in Sydney.
Nataliia’s technique is oil painting. Inspired by Ukrainian applied art, she created her own style of decorative painting. Recently she has been fascinated by Samchykivka painting.


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