How to draw with pencil easy a cat step by step

This is the reason we should begin each drawing with a harsh layout of extents. Such an unsightly sketch can show us the whole outline in a straightforward manner, with the goal that we can see botches when they can in any case be revised.

This unsightly sketch ought to be drawn effectively, with almost negligible differences that can be handily eradicated. Draw like this until I instruct you to change your strategy.

STEP  1.

Draw an oval. It must not be great or attracted a persistent line. This will be the head of our cat.



Now draw an arc. This will be the back of our cat.

Step 3

The hind paw of the cat is drawn as an oval in the lower part. Repeat drawing after me.

Step 4

Draw the back foot further as I do.
And then repeat after me and draw the front paws under the head. Our cat rested its head on its front legs.

Step 5

Let’s go back to the head of the honeycomb and draw the ears.
How to draw eyes, nose, and mouth you will see in the video tutorial.
In the meantime, we will continue to draw our sketch in pencil.

Step 6

Make him a tail. And we can already draw the flower that he holds in it.

Step 7

Draw a flower as I show in the picture.
This is an easy drawing step by step.



 Step 8

Now that our pencil drawing is ready, we can move on to the video tutorial and paint with acrylics.

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