The best unique gift ideas for Mother’s day

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Sweetheart, beloved, dear, unique – all this is about mom. For each of us, this is the most important word – mom. It is spoken in all languages ​​of the world. Maternal love begins long before the baby is born. They are the first to take us in their arms, feed us, pump us up, take us to kindergarten, treat us if we are sick, and help us study at school.

We trust her with the first secrets, share the most important things, and it is to her that we come as adults when we feel bad or need help. Therefore, in our life there is no one more important than mom. But we do not immediately understand this. But only years later. We begin to appreciate every day we spend with her. Our parents – who can be more precious?
Let your loved one wake up early in the morning and see a gift from a daughter or son just for her. She will know that you love her and remember her. She will be so pleased. And for you – it’s not difficult at all. Just choose one of the gift ideas and order from my store.
All products are of high quality and can be found very rarely because I make small batches of up to 10 pieces each. All my paintings are very positive and written with love and light thoughts. Each piece contains a piece of my soul.
Whether it’s an original painting, home decor, coffee mug, scarf, handbag, beach towel, whatever, your mom or grandma will love it.

What can you order for Mother’s Day?
List of gifts for beloved mother.

1. The original painting

Red Flowers

Red Flowers

I can make it only for your mother.

To order, go to my Etsy store and make a personal order for the painting using thу button:  “MESSAGE TETIANA”

It will take 2-3 weeks, so hurry up to order early.

All my paintings are best viewed on my Instagram account

Choose what you like and order.







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