Awesome Canvas Painting Ideas for Kids step by step

If you are looking for interesting ideas for drawing with children, then you have found this!
I want to introduce you to some painting ideas for kids. They will inspire you to have fun and get creative for a very simple reason.

The children themselves performed them! The idea to show you the drawing step by step came to me when I started photographing the stages of creating children’s masterpieces. It is very interesting to observe and analyze how a child grows in his art. There are ideas for kids of all ages, and you’re sure to find one (or more!)

hat your kids will want to try. This is a good idea for your child’s self-realization. He sees how a small artist like himself painted, and not an adult professional artist.

Here you will find drawing projects that use unusual and different techniques that kids will love to learn and create.

We tried painting with different materials from different types of brushes to cotton swabs to crumpled paper and it was all a lot of fun experimenting! I think you and your children will like our ideas.

  1. How to paint a funny clown step by step.

step by step canvas painting for kids

step by step canvas painting for beginners

clown drawing with color scary

how to draw a happy clown face

how to draw a clown


2. Сity drawing easy with color

small town drawing

easy city drawings

3. How to draw flowers step by step


4.How to draw a flamingo step by step easy

    how to draw a flamingo step by step easy

5.How to draw a cat step by step


6.How to draw a penguin step by step for kids





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