6 Secrets Of Nature Painting


In this article, you can learn more useful tips on painting and drawing from nature. You will learn about the important points that should be taken into account when drawing live from nature.

1. Don’t Look At Small Things

Etude is a fairly fast type of painting, the main task of which is to see and paint the state of the world around, a large relationship of color, shadow, and light. The study is to paint with the heart and eyes, the head is not necessary here. She will immediately start asking you to draw details, leaves and stones, Windows and twigs, and then the integrity of the picture will begin to fall into pieces. The eye will lose its overall beauty, burying itself in looking at and evaluating details. It’s like looking at a person in parts: the liver, the neck, the left ear…

The Council: as soon as you want to start painting details, stop! Pause! Have a glass of wine! Or finish it altogether.  

2. Think Of Color Spots

If you don’t need to draw the details, what do you need? One of the main secrets of a beautiful study is a great relationship, shadow, and light. Imagine your story as a mosaic of pieces of different colors and different shapes of stained glass.

Tip: to see large spots of light and color, you should squint, as if you can’t see well. The details are blurred, and the big relationship becomes even more visible.

3. Remember: All Colors Are Reflected In Each Other

Don’t forget: everything affects each other. Our head is very fond of putting labels on everything: the trees are green, the flowers are yellow, the house is white. The brain analyzed everything and put it on separate shelves. But the world around is one, it is filled with the same air and light, which means that everything around is connected. The sky is reflected in the leaves and paths, and the earth in the clouds. The shadows hide, reflecting, all the color richness of the surrounding world.

Tip: add earth colors to the sky, and sky colors to the ground, especially in the shade. Try to combine items with color.

4. Invent Your Own Nature

Don’t paint nature, invent nature. Despite the fact that when we go out into nature, we want to show the beauty of a particular place in the study, at this moment it is you who is the Creator, not nature. This means that only our will is subject to what will be the reflection of nature on the canvas.

We can see the silhouette of a man in a tree, and in the roofs of houses – the sails of ships. If we don’t have enough accent for a composition, we can easily imagine it! Everything is in our heads. Someone will want to paint more realistically, for someone nature is a reason to invent.

The Council: If you are missing something in the story, come up with it and add it!


5. Think About The Color Combination At The Very Beginning

Think of Monet’s famous series of paintings of Rouen Cathedral. The drawing is the same, the Cathedral is the same. At the same time, the pictures are different, and the impression from them is also different. When you start a sketch, look around. What is the current state of nature? Bright clear day? Pink sunset? Is there a purple storm coming? This feeling, like a tuning fork, will help you transfer the beauty of the world to your canvas.

Tip: starting the sketch and evaluating the color, take a photo on your phone, or remember the main accent points of the composition. The sun can hide, and the rain can end. And everything will change. However, the study should not show these changes. It is especially important for you to keep the first impression that “made you fall in love” with the plot of your study. There is no Plein-air painting without falling in love!!!

6. Dive Into The Plein Air With Your Head

Enjoy. Each of us comes with his own mood in the open air. It happens that with the bad. But we know for sure that if you allow yourself to start enjoying the process, from freedom, from creativity, to get high from the beauty, then imperceptibly for you the mood will become good. The trouble will be exaggerated, new ideas and desires will come to mind.

Tip: somewhere in the middle of work, stop and think: this is one of the best moments in your life. Now. Right here. You create. And the world is so beautiful. Draw your happiness on the canvas as you see it now. Draw the beauty of the world, because beauty is a special kind of energy, it, as Dante said, encourages the soul to act.

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  1. Anastasiia Semenova says:

    I always enjoy drawing nature in my free time. All this recomendations are very helpful and will enhance my skills in drawing.

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