27 Fun and easy painting ideas for kids.


Art is an ideal form of perception development for children and an ideal sensory game. Find old t-shirts in the closet, get out the paint, and start drawing with the children.

I want to present to you these 27  simple drawing ideas. These works are performed by children from three years old and older. So don’t say that your child doesn’t have abilities. Discover its potential right now.

If you are looking for new drawing ideas for children, here are works that you may not have tried yet.

So change the situation and try one of these pictures!

This collection of children’s drawings will inspire fun and creativity!

There are ideas for kids of all ages, you are sure to find one (or more!) that your kids will want to try.

Give your child a chance to become a great artist. Even if it doesn’t happen. This is a great way to get new knowledge and have fun.


1.Window painting ideas


2. Rocket in Space

how to draw a galaxy

3. Easter eggs

4.Cat painting ideas

5.Flower canvas painting for beginners

painting ideas for 9 year olds

6. Rabit painting on canvas


easy canvas painting ideas free

7. Fox painting on canvas for kids

easy canvas painting ideas

8. Children’s canvas art ideas – COLORED HOUSES

easy canvas painting ideas for boys

9. Happy clown painting

canvas painting ideas for kids

10. Flowers in a vase


11.Poppies and daisies painting

12. Paintings of boats at sea

13.Car paintings


14. Flower painting for kids

15.Teddy bear drawing with heart

16.Paintings of dogs

17.Babby Shark

18.Abstract Flowers in a vase

19. Winter forest

20. Cherry

20.Abstract Dandelions



22.Tulip painting abstract

23. Funny sheep

23. Sunset and bird




24. Cat and butterfly


25.Abstract flower

26. Sunflowers

27. Cat and Dandelions




1 thought on “27 Fun and easy painting ideas for kids.”

  1. Irene K. says:

    I want to say a huge thank you to Tatiana for her great studio for children!
    She has her own approach and complete understanding for each child. My daughter goes to the studio for only 4 lessons and now she has four wonderful paintings hanging on the wall in her room!
    She happily goes to classes and draws with great pleasure!
    Tatyana, thank you for the warmth and professionalism with which you approach your work! I wish you creative success and prosperity!

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