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Tetiana Bielkina is an acrylic and oil artist

I am Tetiana Bielkina is an acrylic and oil artist artist. I was born in the Ukrainian city of Poltava, which is famous for its history.

From early childhood, I dreamed of becoming an artist. But my family could not afford to pay for lessons at an art school.

I grew up in a difficult time of “perestroika” and revolutions. Sometimes there was no money for food and travel. Then I had to forget about my dreams. I get the profession that would bring income to my family. I graduated from the Pedagogical University. Also, I received an additional degree in accountancy. In 2013 my family and I decided to move to the United States.

In America, I return to my dream and start painting seriously. I take a lot of painting lessons online. The first material I worked with was acrylic paints. During this period I  paint animal portraits.


In April 2018, I exhibited my work for the first time at the International Salon of Contemporary Art in Pennsylvania. There was a series with animal portraits.

Also, I like an oil paints. It is my favorite material. After the first exhibition, I started working on a new series with flowers. With this collection of paintings, I take part in the Second International Salon of Contemporary Art.



In February 2020 I had started given art lessons to kidsand masterclasses for udult. With the onset of the pandemic, I understand that further creativity cannot continue without the Internet. Therefore, I start to apply my past knowledge in computer technology and accounting.

And in April 2020 I created my own blog. And I’m starting to work on creating my own art stores on such platforms as FineArtAmerica,  Pixel ,

VIDA, Etsy.


Currently, Iam working on a new series of landscapes. One of my paintings “On the Clouds” was selected to participate in an Online  Art Exhibition Las Laguna Art Galler Landscapes.

Please support me and my paintings! Thank you so much, my followers!!